A good gutter system protects your home from damage in many ways. Gutters stop rainwater from spilling onto your roof and walls and prevent water from seeping down onto your foundation. A faulty or damaged guttering system will cost you money that you could better spend on improving your home.

You need to know what to look for when checking the condition of your gutters. Sometimes, gutters can appear in good condition but be anything but. Read on to learn more about these signs you may need a new gutter installation. 

1. Peeling exterior paint

If you see paint peeling on your roof, walls, or windows near your gutters, water spillage could be the problem. Your gutters could be cracked or warped, causing water to spill over in that area.

2. Standing water

If you regularly see pools of standing water after rainfall or storms, then your guttering system isn't doing its job properly. Rainwater may be spilling over or through your guttering and onto the ground below.

3. Mold growth in the attic and ceilings

Mold always grows wherever there is a moisture problem. One issue that causes mold to grow in attics and roofs is clogged guttering. When rainwater can't take its usual path along a gutter, it spills over onto the roof. If there are any openings along the underlayment edges, that water will seep into your attic. Mold soon follows damage of this kind.

4. Flooding in the basement

Faulty or damaged gutters cause rainwater to pour down onto your foundation. Even the smallest crack will then cause that water to leak into your basement, causing a flood. If you have noticed water pooling in your basement, your gutter problem is a serious one.

5. Landscape erosion

If your landscaping appears damaged and soaked after rainfall, your gutters are not doing their job. Not only will the landscaping near your home suffer every time it rains, but your foundation could soon suffer water damage. Termites may take an interest too if you live in an area with subterranean termites.

6. Nails or screws littering the ground

If you are finding nails and screws on the ground along your foundation, your gutters may be pulling away from your home. This problem will only get worse the longer you leave it. Sometimes, you only need to replace the lost screws, but if it keeps happening then gutter replacement may be necessary.

Are you beginning to notice these signs around your home? The time may be right to replace your gutters. With the installation of some new gutters, these issues should become a thing of the past.