If you are looking for the right type of roof, then you may want to go with shingles. If you have shingles already or are getting some soon, you want to know how to protect them and what to watch for. This article will help. 

Shingles are popular for many reasons

Shingles are a common choice with homeowners across the country because of everything they can offer. 

Shingles come in a lot of different shapes, sizes, and colors. This means that you can choose shingles that look the best on your home and that add to its overall curb appeal. They are also a good quality option that costs less than some of the other roofing options. 

A shingle roof will also be a cost-effective one that helps you to keep your home comfortable for less. Shingles also have a great fire rating and this means that they can help reduce the chances of a fire from something like hot ashes landing on your roof. 

Shingles can eventually need to be replaced for many reasons

While shingles are a great choice of roof, there are things that can happen that leave you needing to replace some or all of them. You want to understand what can cause issues with shingle roofs so you know how to care for yours correctly. 

There are a lot of reasons why your roof may have some shingles that need to be replaced because they are buckling, curling, or missing. The reason why you have issues with some of the shingles on your roof will determine whether you just need to replace a few shingles or have the roof replaced. 

One of the things that can cause damage to shingles is a tree branch that's scraping them when the wind blows. In this situation, you want to have the tree branch cut, make sure the damage is only surface damage, then have the affected shingles replaced. 

Another thing that can cause damage to shingles is a severe storm with strong winds. Winds that come at strong and fast speeds can cause some of the shingles on your roof to blow off. Many times you may not see the missing shingles on the roof if they blow off somewhere not visible, but you can find the actual shingles in your yard. It's always a good idea to go around the house and look for roof damage and other types of damage after any serious storm. 

Reach out to a local roofing contractor to learn more.