If your roof is getting old, you may be dreading the expense of having it replaced. Before you call a roofer for a roof replacement, consider having your roof restored so you can prolong its life. Here are some benefits of a residential roof restoration treatment.

A Roof Restoration Is Less Expensive

Restoring your roof costs just a fraction of what a roof replacement would cost. A restoration could buy you several years to prepare financially for the replacement that you'll need eventually. Both metal and asphalt roofs can be restored, even if you have two layers of roofing. You save money on labor costs, disposal fees, and roofing materials.

Restoring Your Roof Prolongs Its Life

There are different ways to restore a roof and each method has its expected lifespan and number of times it can be applied. However, you should get many more years of life out of your roof even if your roof is at the end of its lifespan. However, a residential roof restoration treatment can only be applied if your roof is still in fairly good shape. The contractor makes minor repairs before applying the treatment, but if the roof has rotted or if there is widespread shingle damage, your roof might have to be replaced instead.

Restoration Improves the Roof's Appearance

Some residential roof renovation treatments use food oils that penetrate the shingles to restore their flexibility. Others involve applying a coating of some sort. The coatings can transform the appearance of your roof. White is often chosen as a color, and that can make your home cooler in the summer as an added benefit. However, some restoration treatments are like paint in that your roof is cleaned, primed, and then sprayed with a color of your choice. The fresh coating, no matter what color it is, can give your home a fresh new appearance.

Roof Restoration Is a Quick Process

It can take a few days to get a new roof, but it only takes a few hours to have your roof restored. The length of time, and the cost, are determined by the size of your roof. If you need the appearance of your roof improved fast, then a roof coating might be the right solution.

The Restoration Treatments Protect Your Roofing

While a restoration treatment makes your roof look better, that's not the main purpose for applying the coating. The coating seals your roof so your home is protected against leaks and water damage. Part of the reason asphalt shingles wear out is that they lose their granules as they age.

Granules protect the roof from sun damage and rain. A restoration treatment replaces the granules in offering protection so your old roof can withstand storms and resist damage a lot longer than it could without being treated.