As a homeowner, it is good to expect problems that might affect your family. Regular inspections are advised to catch growing problems with your roof and prevent these problems from turning into disasters. Most roofing problems give you ample time to prepare for roofing repairs. You can expect one or several of these roof repair issues during your roof's lifetime:

1. Shingle Problems 

Exposure to nature's elements leads to shingle wear and tear. They become brittle, curl, crack, buckle, and sometimes come off. You can expect more shingle problems as your roof ages. Roofs in areas that experience a high difference between the minimum and maximum temperatures undergo more stress than those in temperate areas. You can expect more roofing repair issues if you live in such an area.

Shingles curl at the edges as they age. High winds get in these gaps and blow them off. Brittle shingles can also break from the stress of high winds. Shingle problems cause leakage that comes with a risk of mold growth. Shingle problems are easily visible. Call a roofer as soon as you spot them.

2. Dammed and Overflowing Gutters 

Gutter cleaning is important for roofs in areas with lots of trees. Leaves and other debris accumulate in the gutter, causing blockages that extend to the downspouts. This organic matter attracts fungi and algae, which spread to other surfaces, causing rot and decay. A sudden heavy downpour causes damming and overflowing gutters. The weight can bring down a weak gutter. Regular gutter cleaning helps prevent this problem. 

3. Ice Damming 

In cold weather, ice ridges can trap melted snow and form puddles on the roof. Heat rising from the house melts snow, but ice traps the water on the colder eaves. Clogged gutters exacerbate this problem. Ice damming can cause decking to rot and grow mold as moisture infiltrates the roof. The long-term solution is to ask a roofing instructor to install ventilation pathways like soffit vents and roof ridges.  

4. Weakened Soffits and Fascia

Gutter problems extend to the soffits and fascia when mold and fungi growth spread to these parts. They become discolored and weakened from rotting. It makes it easier for pests and vermin to infiltrate the roof. The best solution is to replace rotted and weakened soffits and fascia after fixing gutter problems. 

Is your roof showing signs of aging or deterioration? Engage a roofer near you for a thorough inspection and roofing repairs