Is it time to replace your home's asphalt shingles? Some repairs and improvements might need to be done during your replacement project. You are going to need to do some planning for your roof and choose the type of materials you want to have installed. The following information will help you when planning your roof replacement project:

Inspections and Emergency Repairs Before Replacements

Before you start planning on how you will be replacing your shingles, the roof needs to be inspected. This is something that needs to be done to not only determine if the shingles need to be replaced, but also to identify major problems that require immediate attention. If there are issues causing leaks and other damages to your home, these problems might require a few emergency repairs. Talk to your roofing contractor about patching any potential areas for leaks and doing other emergency repair work until the shingles can be replaced.

Evaluating the Biggest Problems with Shingle Wear

The problems shingles most often face are usually due to issues with wear that can be prevented. You might want to evaluate your roof for some of these issues in order to correct them when the shingles are being replaced. If your old shingles have problems with wear at valleys and eaves, an ice barrier might help to prevent leaks and fully protect your home. If your roof has problems with water traps, there may be minor changes that can be made to stop these issues which cause shingles to wear faster than they should.

Decide On Improvements and Remodeling the Roof

There are also improvements that you might want to consider for your roof replacement. Sometimes, these improvements can address issues with shingle wear, or they can be strictly aesthetic to enhance the appearance of your roof. Some roof replacement contractors can also handle small remodeling projects, like adding a covered porch while the roof is being replaced. Talk to your roof replacement service about any improvements that can help while you are replacing your old shingles.  

Choosing the Materials to Replace the Old Asphalt Shingles

The choice of roofing materials is one of the biggest parts of a roof replacement. There are many choices for asphalt shingles you can choose from, as well as durable alternatives that can be used to replace your old roofing. You might want materials that are more efficient and durable for your replacement, as well as features like durable underlayments.

The roof replacement you are planning for your home can be an opportunity to make major improvements. Contact a roof replacement service to start planning the project and replace your worn-out asphalt shingles.