When homeowners ask if metal roofing is noisy, they either enjoy or hate the "ping" sound raindrops make as they fall onto metal roofs. Which of these are you? Do you find the sound of raindrops therapeutic or prefer a quiet roof? If you're a homeowner who prefers the latter, there is very little to worry about. Here's how you can ensure that metal roofing isn't too loud. 

Add Insulation

During installation, your metal roofing contractor will add layers of insulation to act as an acoustic barrier. Your roof will have at least three layers of components such as underlay, metal roofing panels, and sheeting. These layers will provide considerable insulation that will dampen sound and improve energy efficiency. Also, your attic will serve as an additional layer of noise insulation. 

Fasten Your Roof Panels

Loose metal panels will move at the slightest breeze, and it only gets worse as it rains. The same will happen every time debris falls onto your roof. Remedy this problem by using proper fasteners. Check the manufacturer's guidelines; they should have recommendations on the type of faster to use, spacing, and position. If you aren't sure what to do, consult a metal roofing contractor. 

Choose Different Metal Sheets 

If you're using smooth sheets, you can switch to textured sheets. If you have corrugated roofing, flat metal roofing would be a great substitute. You can also switch thin metal sheets for thick metal sheets. A thicker profile will absorb more of the noise compared to thinner sheets. Also, the thicker sheets are stronger and not easily affected by erratic weather such as wind and hailstorms 

However, before you make the switch, consult a professional. Understand the pros and cons of the different types of metal roofing. Also, compare the cost of switching roofs to soundproofing options. 

Hire Professional Roofers 

Among the reasons some roofs are noisy is improper installation. Your metal roof shouldn't be louder than roofs with other materials unless you didn't install it as expected. To avoid this, hire a metal roofing contractor who will install your metal roof according to set standards. This will ensure your roof has all the necessary insulation layers to dampen noise. Also, if your metal roof is noisy, don't hesitate to call in metal roofing experts to inspect your roof. 

And if you find the rain sounds therapeutic, be sure to mention it to your roofers. They can make a few adjustments to amplify the sound. For example, the roofers can install your roof on a framing system to transmit more sound to the living spaces.