What questions should you ask a roofing contractor? You're not sure how to select a new roofer. But this doesn't mean you should pick the first pro you call. If this is your first experience with this type of contractor, take a look at the questions to ask before you agree to an estimate.

What Services Do You Offer?

Some roofers only offer repairs or re-roofing services, while others also provide their customers with full replacement options. If you're not sure what the specific differences between each service are, talk to the contractor. A re-roofing option typically includes a second layer that the roofer places on top of the original roof. This creates a water-tight barrier with a new exterior aesthetic. But it won't solve the problem of rotting wood under the roof or damage to the underlying layer. 

Even though the main part or area of the roof is important, contractors in this field also repair and replace other parts of a home's upper level. These include flashing (the metal that covers seams or joints between parts of a roof or the roof and the chimney), gutters, and chimney work.

What Materials Do You Use?

There are two ways the contractor can answer this question. They can provide you with a list of manufacturers they work with. This would include brand names of roofing products. If you have a preferred brand you already know you want, you'll need to make sure the roofer can supply you with the correct products.

Beyond the brand, you may also want to know more about the types of shingles or other similar materials the contractor can install. Popular types of shingles/roofing materials include asphalt, clay, tile, slate, and wood. Along with shingles, you may also need more information on whether the company supplies and installs flat roof materials, such as modified bitumen, built-up, and rubber membrane. 

Do You Have an Example of Your Work?

Now that you know what services and materials a contractor offers, you need to decide if the company can meet your home improvement needs. References and reviews can help you to decide if a roofing professional has the knowledge and experience necessary to complete your job in a first-rate way. But written accolades aren't the only way to judge the company. Ask for photos of past work. These pictures can give you essential information about the contractor, the quality of the materials, and the quality of the work.

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