Metal roofing provides homeowners with numerous benefits, including attractiveness, low maintenance, and durability. However, there are various metal roof types, and each has unique characteristics. Therefore, if you're shopping for an ideal metal roof, you need to understand all the metal roofs available. Here are the common metal roof types for your consideration.


Aluminum roofing is popular due to its ease of installation and affordability. Ideally, aluminum is lightweight, and roofers can easily lift the material during the installation process. Although light, aluminum's strength is impressive and contributes to the material's durability. Also, the metal is rust-resistant.

Additionally, aluminum is malleable, and roof manufacturers can easily mold it into different shapes, sizes, and designs. Hence, you can get the roof design you desire. However, aluminum is prone to denting compared to other metals such as steel. To overcome this downside, you should choose thicker aluminum roofs.


Steel comprises mainly iron and other elements like brass. Steel roofing is common in commercial buildings, but it is also becoming popular in homes. That's because steel roofing is long-lasting and does not require much maintenance. Also, the roofing is affordable, fire-resistant, and rot-resistant. Hence, your roof will remain strong even after exposure to harsh weather. Most importantly, steel roofing is an affordable roofing option due to low installation and maintenance costs.


Cooper roofs have a unique appearance and consist of different styles, including tiles, panels, shingles, and sheets. The significant pros of copper roofing are that it's lightweight and easy to install. Most importantly, copper is long-lasting and rust-resistant. Typically, copper will patina after exposure to moisture, forming a protective coating that prevents corrosion. However, copper roofing can be costly, but you can find affordable options by identifying affordable roofing services in the market.


Zinc roofing offers versatility as manufacturers can form zinc into any shape or design. Therefore, you can quickly get the roofing design you desire. Also, zinc patinas and forms a protective layer that shields the roof against damage and corrosion. Zinc roofs are eco-friendly since zinc has a low melting point. That means that processing zinc requires less energy compared to other metals like copper. Most importantly, zinc roofing is easy to install and is long-lasting. However, you may require some repainting as zinc is prone to chalking, which causes discoloration of the roof.

Common types of metal roofing include zinc, copper, steel, and aluminum roofs. Consider these roof types for your next roofing project. For more information, contact a local roofing company, like A Plus Roofing and Chimney.