Both metal and asphalt shingle roofs are popular options for residential roofing. In some areas, clay tiles are also popular. You'll probably choose from one of these residential roofing options when it's time to get a new roof. Here's a look at how these choices compare.

Tile Roofing Is Heavy And Durable

Clay tiles are common in areas that have high temperatures or high humidity, such as southern and western states. However, the tiles can be installed in nearly any climate as long as they are installed properly. If you want to switch from asphalt shingles to clay tiles, your roofer will need to make sure that your roof can support the heavy tiles. Your roof may need added structural support.

Clay tiles last a long time and they are durable and strong against high winds, rain, and hail. The tiles might crack as they age or crack due to hail damage, but the tiles are easy to repair as long as the pieces are still available to put back together.

One drawback to clay roofs is the high cost. Clay tiles are among the more expensive types of roofing, but they give your home an upscale appearance. If you want a luxury look for your home, or if you want roofing that keeps your home cooler, then clay tiles are worth considering.

Metal Has A Long Life And Comes In Many Styles

Metal roofing is a good choice if you want roofing with the potential to last many decades and is lightweight. Metal is a durable roofing material that resists wind damage. The roofing also comes in many colors, and you have the option between tiles and panels. Metal panels are available in several styles and are made from different kinds of metal.

Metal is an attractive choice in residential roofing, and the roofing goes well with nearly all types of homes. You'll probably have fewer repairs to keep up with over the years if you have a metal roof installed, and that helps make up for the higher cost of the roofing material.

Asphalt Shingles Are Budget Friendly

Asphalt shingle roofs are the most popular choice in residential roofing. It's the least expensive, but since shingles are available in different thicknesses and grades, you can pay a premium price for high-quality shingles. The best quality shingles have a high fire, impact, and wind resistance ratings, so your home has good protection when you choose these asphalt shingles for your home.

The basic economy shingles are thinner, so they're not as durable, but even those are a good choice in residential roofing when you want a good roof for an affordable price.

Keep these tips in mind when looking for residential roofing contractors near you.