Due to the exterior of a house being constantly exposed to outside elements, it could lead to deterioration and the need for frequent repairs. For example, the exterior of a house can be exposed to a lot of rain if the owner lives in a region where it rains a lot. Rain has the ability to not only cause deterioration but also cause damage to the foundation, which can be prevented when rain gutters are installed. Even with rain gutters installed, damage can be caused if the gutters become cluttered with debris, as it can lead to rainwater overflowing. Getting guards installed is a great way to not only prevent debris from cluttering up the gutters but to take advantage of several other benefits as well.

Where Are Gutter Guards Installed?

Gutter guards are basically covers that must be installed on the top of rain gutters. The reason why the guards are installed on the top area is that they are designed to prevent debris from making it into the gutters. However, it is still possible for small particles of debris to make it into the gutters, as there are small holes in the guards. The small holes are necessary because they allow rainwater to seep down so the gutters can perform the job they are designed to do, which is to route rainwater away from your house. Make sure the guards are installed by a professional to ensure that they are able to perform to the best of their ability.

Do Gutter Guards Need Maintenance?

You will need to perform occasional maintenance to keep your gutter guards functional, but it isn't a task that must be done on a regular basis. Being that there are holes in the guards, it is possible for debris to get stuck in the holes every now and then. You can get the guards cleaned by a professional to remove any debris that happens to get stuck. Although guards require occasional maintenance, they are worth getting installed because you will not have to worry about constantly getting large pieces of debris removed from the gutters. Another benefit is the security of knowing that pests will not be able to make it into the gutters and build nests, such as birds.

Will New Gutters Need to Be Installed for Guards?

There is no need to get new rain gutters installed if you decide to purchase guards. The reason why is that the guards are typically designed to fit on all standard rain gutters. As long as your gutters are not bent out of shape, guard installation should not be complicated.

If you want to install gutter guards, call a roofer in your area.