A leaking roof is a clear and present danger to your family in several ways. It can cause illnesses such as respiratory allergies because of high humidity and mold growth. It also weakens the building's structure by causing rotting in the roofing and ceiling, making them prone to collapse. A roof leak should be fixed as soon as it is spotted to safeguard your family and the house. Unfortunately, roof leaks sometimes go unnoticed and cause a lot of damage. Regular inspection by residential roofing services is the only way to remain sure your roof is ok. What are some causes of leaky roofs they can cover, and how do they fix them?

Pipe Boot Failure Leaks

A pipe boot is the waterproofing cover at the base where it emerges from the roof. Pipe boot covers the minute space between the pipe and the roof shingles. Pipe boots are made of either metal or plastic. Weather exposure can make the boot degrade and crack. Sometimes the boot fails and slides down the pipe. Water will infiltrate down into the roof through this crack or space.

The roofer will fix this problem by installing a rubber neck to cover a cracked boot. It extends to cover the infiltrate flange to prevent leakages at the rectangular base of the pipe boot.

Chimney Leak Problems

The flashing at the base of a chimney is a common leakage point. When the shingles covering the flashing crack or curl, the space formed becomes an entry point for water. It can also happen when water gets into the board where the chimney siding goes under, causing the boards to rot. Brick chimneys are also susceptible to leaking when there is heavy rainfall because of saturation. A cracked chimney top will also leak water.

You need competent residential roofing services for chimney work since it requires good skills and insured service. They will reflash the chimney base, replace siding, or repair a cracked top.

Leaking Skylights

Improper installation of a skylight will cause a leaking roof. It is very likely to happen when you use a roofer who isn't familiar with the skylight brand you purchased. Fortunately, this leakage is easy to spot.

You can claim a leak-proof warranty if your brand has one. If not, contact residential installation services familiar with that brand of skylights. They will install a waterproofing shield under the cladding and flashing of the skylight.

Are you worried about roof leaks and the damage they can cause? Call a residential roofing service like JCB Roofing / HHI, SC for assistance in your area.