Single-ply roofing systems have gained a lot of popularity in commercial buildings. Their popularity comes from the ease of installation, low maintenance cost, and ability to withstand harsh weather elements. They are an ideal roofing material for buildings that have flat roofs with minimal traffic. Some of the materials used to make single-ply roofs include thermoplastic polyolefin, polyvinyl chloride, and EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer). Here are some of the benefits you can expect to get from a superior quality single-ply roof. 

You Can Easily Install and Configure the Roof

The quality of installation and roof configuration determines how well the roof serves you. Single-ply roofing membranes are light, flexible, and need a single layer of roofing material. The installation process is easier than when using other roofing methods. You will need less labor and time to handle the installation process. You can attach the roofing membranes in large patches using either adhesive or mechanical fastening techniques. If sections of the membrane contain plastic, you can join them using heat. 

The Roof Withstands Harsh Weather

The roofing is excellent when it comes to withstanding harsh weather conditions. It can withstand rain, wind, and the UV rays of the sun for several decades. However, it is crucial to note that the material does not perform well when subjected to foot traffic. Therefore, you should only install it in sections of the roof that need minimum interference from human feet. Also, the materials used to join it vary depending on the locality. If you come from places prone to storms and hurricanes, avoid ballasting to hold the membrane as it can fall apart in stormy weather.

The Roof Saves You Money

This roof is easy to install and needs only one layer of material. The cost of purchasing the material is manageable, and so is the installation cost. The roof is less expensive to install and maintain than the shingle, tile, and other roofing systems. You can also choose the specific customizations that will make you huge money savings. 

The Roof Does Not Catch Fire

Fire resistance is an admirable quality in a roof. These roofs are not petroleum-based, and they do not catch fire easily. Additionally, the manufacturers provide a specialty membrane that makes the roof completely fireproof.

The roof is a cost-effective and efficient replacement for older roofing materials. You can choose the colors and materials to give you durable and reliable roofing over your commercial property. Talk to a roofer to learn more about single-ply roofing