If you have a commercial building with an old metal roof that's leaking, rusted, or loose at the seams, you could be facing the significant expense of a roof replacement. Before you sink a lot of money into a new roof, look into a metal roofing restoration system that could give you the benefits of a new roof at a fraction of the cost. A popular restoration method to consider is to have an EPDM coating applied. Here's how EPDM roof restoration works.

The Coating Goes On As A Liquid

EPDM roofing restoration involves applying liquid rubber to the metal roof so that the rubber bonds with the metal for a watertight seal. Liquid rubber is thick, so one coating might be enough, and there is no need for a primer. This makes restoring your metal roof a quick job with a lower labor requirement than other coating and roof restorations require.

The Old Roof Has To Be Clean For A Tight Bond

Prepping your old metal roof for the coating is a labor-intensive part of the restoration process since the metal has to be clean and free from debris so the liquid rubber bonds well. EPDM coatings are perfect for many surfaces, including metal. Once the coating is on, it dries within just a few hours and creates a continuous rubber roofing membrane over the old metal roof that has bonded with the roof so you don't have to worry about the rubber membrane blowing off.

Problems With Seams Are Eliminated

Seams are vulnerable areas on a commercial roof. Some roof membranes have seams welded together or adhered with tape and adhesive. There is always a risk of seams coming loose and leaking. Since liquid rubber is used with a metal roofing restoration system, the liquid spreads around and forms a continuous membrane that has no seams. This protects your roof from seam leaks and from leaks caused by water puddles on the roof.

EPDM Coatings Have A Long Life

A metal roofing restoration system can extend the life of your old metal roof for many years. This allows you to postpone the expense of a roof replacement until you have the finances in place. Plus, you'll save money initially since a roof restoration costs much less than a roof replacement. Also, rubber coatings come in white and black. This allows you to choose the best color for your roof, keeping energy costs in mind. A white coating can keep your building cooler in the summer while a black coating makes your building warmer due to solar heating.