No one wants to hear that their roof is damaged. Unfortunately, irrespective of how cool your roof likes or the quality of materials used, there comes a time when roofing repair or replacement needs to be done. 

Ignoring the need for repair or replacement can lead to a whole lot of other problems that are both costly and time-consuming. But how do you know the time for a roof repair is due? Well, here are four warning signs it's time to seek residential roofing services. 

Missing or Damaged Shingles

You should check your roof regularly if your area experiences heavy winds or hail storms. The heavy winds can hit the shingles and damage them or drop them off altogether. Consequently, the underlying roof deck is exposed to water damage; hence, this issue should be treated as an emergency. 

If there are only a few missing or damaged shingles, you could solve the issue by replacing them individually. But, if a vast section of the roof has damaged shingles, consider re-roofing or complete roof replacement. Your roofing contractor will examine your roof to determine the most appropriate action. 

Light in the Attic

If outside light is penetrating through your attic, that's a clear indication you need residential roofing services — and fast! If beams of light can get in, there is a high chance that water can make its way too. You may even notice signs of stains around the attic. 

The more you wait, the more the water continues to flow inside. The plywood may start to rot with time, calling for its replacement. Luckily, if this issue is caught early, the solution could be as simple as replacing a few shingles. 

Sagging Roof

While a roof may have different degrees of pitch, it should have a straight roofline. If you notice some areas are sagging, whether on the periphery or in the center, there is a problem that needs urgent attention.  

In most cases, a sagging roof is caused by structural problems. It could also be that the roof deck has suffered water damage. A reputable roofer can access the situation to determine the exact cause and then take the necessary repair actions. 

Granules in Your Gutters

Roofs with asphalt or composite shingles use granules as their top layer. The granules may start to shed and wear off due to age or pressure from elements like rainstorms and heavy winds. 

If only a few granules have come off, that may not be a big problem. But piles of granules coming off is a sign the strength of your roof is compromised, so seek urgent repair services.