Tiny homes became popular because they could offer people a chance to travel and a low cost of living. Many tiny home owners are now finding places to put roots down and keep their homes to continue a low-cost minimal lifestyle. If you have recently pulled your tiny home off the road and set down permanent foundations, you may be considering a roofing upgrade. Metal roofing can offer several benefits for tiny homes and a full-time tiny home lifestyle. 

Light Weight

One of the leading benefits to metal roofing for tiny home construction is the weight. The lighter-weight material will not weigh down on your trusses. It will also not cause issues with sinking or dipping due to weight on your walls and foundation. This is vital for long-term living in your tiny home. If you begin to have sagging or damage in your walls from weight distribution issues, it will start to affect the walls and foundation with bowing and cracking. This means costly repairs and replacements. The lightweight nature of a metal roof helps reduce the issues. 

Reduced Fire Chance

A concern for many tiny home owners is fire. This is especially an issue when you decide to place your tiny home in the woods or a rural area as a permanent location. With traditional roofing materials, fire can spark and cause a larger fire to form on the shingles. With a metal roof, the chances of this are reduced greatly. For example, if a nearby tree is struck by lightning and a spark falls to your metal roof, a fire will likely not break out. If the roofing was made of traditional materials, it is more likely that the same spark could cause a total house fire and loss of your tiny home. 

Energy Costs

The energy costs and resources for a tiny home can become complicated. This is due to the way tiny home energy is sourced and used throughout the small space. For example, you may have a small fan unit or several fans instead of central air and heat. You may also have a small heating system in one room rather than the full heater of traditional HVAC units in homes. This means that you need to maintain your temperature throughout the home to maintain a comfortable temperature year-round. Metal roofing can help with this by reflecting your daily sun rays. The reflection reduces the heat in the home and the need to run cooling devices longer and stronger.

If you believe a metal roof would offer the benefits you are looking for in a permanent tiny home roof, contact a metal roofing contractor. They can help you with the types of metal available, installation options, and answer questions you have regarding the process. They can also perform an inspection of your roof to ensure there are no other issues you should take care of.