The summer's heat can be brutal, so most people heavily rely on air conditioners to cool their homes. Unfortunately, an AC that runs around the clock comes with a heightened energy bill. If you want to maximize coolness in your home while keeping the utility bills low, you should think about smart roofing techniques. Below are a few things residential roofers do to supplement the AC during the summer seasons. 

Installing a Solar Reflective Roof Coating or a Brightly-Colored Roof

A solar reflective coating is an excellent solution to your problem. This material helps to keep off heat from your home by reflecting and repelling sun rays through thermal remittance. You will notice a significant change in your interior temperatures and energy bills with such a roof. 

Alternatively, you can install brightly colored roof options such as a single-ply or PVC (polyvinyl chloride) membrane with heat reflective abilities. Combining these membranes with special paint gives you maximum sun-shunning results. 

Insulating and Ventilating the Attic and Roof at Large

The attic plays a significant role in regulating temperatures in your home. Therefore, it is dangerous to ignore it. If the attic is poorly ventilated or insulated, you will experience increased indoor temperatures, mold issues, and leaks. Installing intake and exhaust pipes improves air circulation in the attic. Your roofer may also advise you to buy a power vent as it helps to cool the attic faster.

Apart from the attic, insulation of the entire roof is also advisable. Spray foam insulation is the best option in this case. In addition to cooling, insulation boosts your home's structural condition, strengthens the foundation, and keeps off vermin infestation. In short, installing spray foam insulation is not just for cooling your home but protecting you from other costly roofing issues. 

Attending To Repairs and Replacements on Time

Do not make the mistake of postponing repairs or replacements, as your roof will continue to deteriorate by the day. As soon as holes and cracks start developing, your energy bills will go up since the AC works harder to cool your home. If your roof is nearing its end, you should seize the opportunity and replace it with a more energy-efficient roof. That, coupled with a reflective coating, will enable your roof to serve its cooling function effectively.

Do not let the summer heat curtail you from spending quality time with your family. Ask your roofer to advise you on a suitable technique to help keep your home free from the summer's sweltering heat.