A recent assessment and inspection of your roof may have shown several issues. These issues will likely lead to having the roof replaced. When this happens, you may think all of the choices are fairly easy and, for the most part, made for you. The truth is there are several aspects of a flat roof replacement you still need to consider. Here are some of those considerations and what to know about each. 

Membrane Choices

A crucial aspect of your flat roof replacement deals with the membrane. A waterproof membrane is a step to ensuring any leaks have a reduced chance of entering other parts of the roof and building. Your roofing contractor may give you several options. One option will be to have the traditional membrane choice in addition to a spray foam membrane. If this option is mentioned to you, you need to know a few quick points about the spray foam. The spray foam expands as it dries. Once dried, it insulates and water seals the area. The key to remember with this option is that it reduces the chances of cracking and splitting if water issues do happen. 

HVAC and Ventilation Placement

Your commercial building will need to have proper HVAC placement and ventilation placement. In most commercial flat roof buildings, the HVAC system is housed on top of the roof area. Ventilation is also usually placed on the flat roof as well. Your contractor may ask you about the placement and if you want the same placement. If a new placement is needed, you will need to discuss this with your roofing contractor. If new ventilation is needed, your roofing contractor can help with the installation and placement that suits your needs. 

Future Installments

Your roofing contractor may ask you if you have plans for future installations. This could mean solar panels, new HVAC systems, or new power resources. If you answer yes to any of these, you may need to upgrade the material you are using for your flat roof replacement. Your contractor can determine what upgrades should be made in order to accommodate the future installations you are considering. 

As you discuss the flat roof replacement with your roofing contractor, discuss some of these choices and aspects of the replacement. If you are unsure about a choice you are considering, discuss it with the roofing contractor. They can give you ideas and guidance based on your specific roofing concerns and replacement.

Contact a roofing contractor to learn more about flat roof replacement options.