It seems reasonable to forget about your commercial roof when you have countless other business errands waiting for you. That said, the more you turn a blind eye to small issues, the more you invite serious roofing issues that could hurt your business finances. With that in mind, you must squeeze in regular roof inspections and maintenance to avoid common roofing issues. Taking care of your roof also gives your customers a good impression. Below are signs that your roof is ready for commercial roofing services.

You See Puncture Holes

Puncture holes can be embarrassing and bad for business when the rainy seasons kick in. If severe, the weakness can cause you to close the business temporarily. Similarly, your customers will not appreciate puddles on your premises and will likely give negative reviews after such awful experiences.

There are many reasons your roof could have puncture holes, and hail is a common culprit. The more punctures there are on your structure, the more unsightly your roof becomes. Ensure you call commercial roofing services before the situation worsens.

Your Commercial Roof Lacks Flashing

Your roof has vulnerable areas that require protection to prevent leaks. These parts include the chimney, roof valleys, and the adjacent walls. Commercial roofers usually use steel flashing to achieve this. However, other alternatives such as aluminum and copper flashing also exist. The main purpose of this part is to direct water away from these vulnerable parts. However, as years go by, your roof's flashing experiences wear, leaving your roof exposed to leaks. If your roof is leaking, especially where the chimney is located, contact a commercial roofing contractor to assess your premise. Depending on the situation's severity, you will need flashing repairs or replacement. 

There Is Roof Damage Due to Old Age

Most roofs will last years before showing any signs of deterioration. If you take inspections and maintenance seriously, you could get even more years out of your roof. A good rule of thumb is not to wait until you have serious roofing problems like sagginess or excessive mold growth to call for commercial roofing services. Such issues can be a real eyesore and dangerous to those accessing your business. Instead, pay attention to your roof's lifespan and have it replaced right away. 

Because you truly value your customers and employees, you want to observe the above roofing issues and get in touch with commercial roofing services. Call a roofing company, such as Ketchum Roofing & Windows, for more information.