Roof coatings are typically used on flat roofing systems to create a waterproof and protective seal between the building and the elements outside. Roof coatings are applied at roof installation, but they may also require reapplication as the old one wears off. Silicone coatings can be the best option for many reasons.

1. Water Resistance

When it comes to water resistance, few roof coatings perform as well as silicone. It is naturally a waterproof substance that doesn't absorb moisture, so the only way moisture will get through the coating is in the event of damage that pierces through the silicone coating layer. This reduces the risk of leaks during rainstorms, as well as from issues like water ponding on the roof from rain or a leaking HVAC system. 

2. No Chalking

Chalking is an issue where the degradation of the coating surface results in the formation of an ugly chalky residue on the roof. This is typically caused by oxidation in the components of water-based roof coatings. Since silicone isn't water-based, it doesn't oxidize or break down like other coating options. This means you won't have to deal with unattractive chalking damages.

3. Quick Application

Silicone coatings go on much more quickly than other types of coatings. One reason is that silicone is self-leveling, so there is no time-consuming process for trying to get the application perfectly smooth. The second reason is that it requires fewer coats to fully and effectively coat a flat roof with silicone. A fast application doesn't just save time, it also saves money on the cost of labor and supplies. 

4. Extreme Durability

Unlike other types of coatings, silicone doesn't need to be reinforced with roofing fabric because it is already extremely durable. It's highly flexible and resistant to stains and damage, which means it will seal in your flat roof for many years with only the need for minor maintenance and repairs. This durability and longevity mean that silicone coatings often end up costing less in the long run.

5. Multiple Purposes

A silicone coating does more than seal the roof against moisture, it also serves a couple of other purposes quite well. Many silicone coating products are naturally fire retardant, which means a stray ember from a nearby fire is less likely to set your building ablaze. Coatings are also available in light reflective colors, which helps keep a building cooler in the summer and reduces energy usage.

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