If you're looking for a new commercial roof, and you're ready to switch from membrane roofing, talk to a commercial roof contractor about metal roofing. Metal is durable and probably won't need many repairs over its lifetime. Here's why metal is a good material for a commercial roof.

Metal Roofs Can Go On Low-Sloped Buildings

The first step is for your commercial roofer to determine if metal roofing is suitable for your building. Most flat roofs aren't completely flat since they have to be sloped so rain drains off. If the slope is high enough, metal can be placed on the roof if you choose the right roofing panels.

There are a few options for metal panels, and some are more watertight than others. Mechanically seamed metal panels might be the best choice since the seams are bent over each other with a mechanical device that makes it so rain can't get in the seams.

Metal Is Harder To Puncture

Membrane roofing can be punctured by walking on it if the contractor steps on a small stone or screw that's on the roof. If your roof gets a lot of foot traffic, metal is probably the most durable option for protection against punctures from people walking, hail, and equipment on your roof.

Metal Can Be Installed Over An Old Membrane

Metal roof panels aren't very heavy, so they can be applied over old roofing as long as the old roof doesn't have any water damage. This makes installation go faster since the old materials don't need to be ripped off and then hauled away.

However, your commercial roof contractor has to inspect the roof carefully to make sure the insulation boards and deck under the old membrane don't have too much moisture damage.

Metal Roofing Can Add Color To Your Building

If your roof can be seen from the street and isn't hidden behind parapet walls, a metal roof could make your building more attractive. If you have a retail store, you might want a colorful roof to give your building a little color. You might want a bright blue roof that matches your company colors or your store's decorating theme. A commercial roof contractor can help you select the right color for your roof, even if you want to go with white so the light color will reflect the sun and keep your building cooler.

A metal roof can last for decades and protect your building from storms and floating fire embers. However, you'll need to check the roof regularly so scratched and rusty areas can be repaired before the rust gets so bad the roof starts leaking.

For more information, reach out to commercial roof contractors in your area.