It can be difficult for some commercial property owners to determine whether they need roof repairs or replacement. They should never resort to assuming or wait until they experience emergencies such as roof leaks or collapses. If either of these occurs, a roof replacement is likely the only safe option because these issues are indicative of widespread damage. The following points identify telltale roofing issues that signal the need for immediate commercial roofing contractor services.


A commercial roof that has been maintained by a commercial roofing contractor is likely to last past its warranty. However, property owners need to carefully weigh out the risks of no longer having warranty protection. Manufacturers estimate the lifespans of their products after completing a variety of quality tests on their materials. Their estimates are usually correct.

The worse thing that could happen is that a property owner who has never had roofing issues experiences one shortly after their warranty expires. It is best to replace it even if it seems that the materials are holding up. There might be options for an affordable roof replacement by using alternatives such as re-roofing to reinforce the aged materials. Some jurisdictions do not permit re-roofing, and some roofs are too damaged to be a good fit for the service. 

Uneven Roof

If the appearance of a commercial roof changes and it starts to look uneven or lopsided, it is likely due to moisture damage. This issue needs to be addressed as soon as it is noted. There is a chance that commercial roof contractors can implement repairs to prevent widespread damage. A partial roof replacement may be recommended depending on the age of the roof. It is likely best to opt for a full replacement if materials are near the end of their estimated lifespan. An uneven roof is prone to collapsing, which may cause injuries or interior property damage. 

Loose Materials

A roofing system is made up of several components. Inclement weather that involves high winds and heavy rains may cause damage. This is why commercial contractors urge property owners to request inspections after severe weather events. It offers the option to repair issues such as loose or blown-off materials, reattach loose gutters, and identify areas of the roof that might have been compromised by moisture from rain or melting snow.

Commercial roofing contractors are a good resource to use to learn about more signs of roof damage. They can explain the importance of routine inspections and prompt repairs. Both of these valuable services can extend the lifespan of roofing materials and protect property owners' warranty interests. For more information, contact a commercial roofing contractor near you.