When looking up at your roof, have you noticed that some of your shingles appear to be cracked? They might have cracks stretching vertically down them, or they could be cracked horizontally across the center. In either case, this is not a problem to ignore, whether a few or many shingles are affected. Keep reading to learn about the problems cracked shingles can cause and what to do about this issue.

Problems Caused by Cracked Shingles

Cracked shingles may not cause leaks immediately if the cracks do not extend all of the way through the shingles. However, cracks do tend to deepen over time, and all it might take is one big storm or some wind to deepen the crack to the extent that leaks develop. 

Cracked shingles can also grab onto debris more easily. It will settle in the cracks. If some dirt accumulates in the crack, it can become the perfect place for moss to take root and start growing. Moss will quickly cause a roof to deteriorate. 

Cracked shingles are also weak and more likely to blow off during a storm. Not only do missing shingles cause leaks, but the loose, blowing shingles can make quite a mess of your yard.

Addressing Cracked Shingles

The best way to address cracked shingles is to call your roofer. They can strip these old, damaged shingles off and replace them with new ones. Usually, they will only need to replace the cracked shingles and can leave the rest in place. However, if lots of your shingles are cracked, the repair may take longer than a replacement, and your roofer may recommend just having your whole roof replaced.

When your roofer removes cracked shingles, they will also take a look at the underlayment and roof deck underneath. If these roof materials show any signs of damage, which is not uncommon if the cracked shingles have been leaking, your roofer will need to repair them. They can usually patch the underlayment pretty easily. However, if the roof deck needs repairs, this is a bigger project that will require that at least part of your roof is first stripped of shingles.

When it comes to cracked shingles, the classic adage rings true: the sooner you address them, the better. Your cracked shingles may not be causing any problems just yet, but they will soon, so call a residential roofing contractor in your area and arrange for repairs.