Stormy weather can cause a lot of damage, especially when it comes to the roof of a home. It does not take a storm to be severe to cause minor damage to a roof that grows into bigger problems later on. For example, if a storm produces a lot of wind, it could damage shingles or knock them off of the roof deck. Displacing shingles in the slightest amount can compromise the condition of the deck by exposing it to outside elements. If your home was recently hit by a storm of any level of severity, get it inspected to become aware of any problems that are present. 

Why Minor Damage is a Concern

Minor roof damage is a big concern because it can cause the entire roof to deteriorate in a speedy manner. For example, if a storm causes the shingles to curl or lose granules, they are no longer reliable for protecting the roof deck. For this reason, it is wise to get your roof assessed for damage no matter how minor the recent storm was. Even a few minutes of heavy rainfall and hail can cause more damage than you might think is possible. Do not assume that your roof is not damaged and end up with problems being present for a long time due to not knowing about them.

The Importance of Rain Gutter Repairs

The condition of the rain gutters along the edge of your roof is as important as other parts of the roof. The reason is that rain gutters not only route rainwater away from your house, but they can also contribute to roof damage if they are in bad condition. For example, if the gutters become filled with debris from a storm, water can sit in them until cleaned out. You do not want water to sit in the gutters because it creates moisture that can damage the roof deck and shingles. A roofer can assess the condition of your gutters as well as install new gutters if it is necessary.

What an Insurance Policy Covers

If your roof has any storm damage, paying for the damage might not be difficult. Home insurance policies vary, but will usually cover a wide range of storm damage. For example, hail damage or displaced shingles from heavy rainfall might be covered by your insurance provider. You can refer to your specific insurance policy to find out if your roof repairs are covered.

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