Most people are at least vaguely familiar with the type of work that masons do. They lay stone and brick, and they repair surfaces and structures made from stone and brick. If you think you may be in need of masonry services, however, this basic overview may not be quite enough information to guide you. Here are some questions people often have — and benefit from having answered — before hiring a masonry contractor.

Do all masons work with both stone and brick?

There may be a few masons who only work with one material or the other, but for the most part, masons are comfortable working with a variety of materials. You can call the same mason to fix a brick wall and a stone pillar. Many masons do have a material preference when building new structures. For instance, a certain mason may recommend you build your retaining wall from stone rather than brick. But as far as capabilities go, most masons can work with either material, as needed.

Do masons need to be licensed?

In most cases, yes. Every municipality has different regulations as far as what licenses a mason needs to obtain to do work in that district. But even if your municipality does not require a specific license for masons, it is a good idea to look for one who is licensed, as this helps authenticate their experience and reputability. Masons generally need to show proof of their certification and education to obtain this license.

How long does masonry work take?

The answer to this question really depends on your project. Small projects and repairs can often be tackled in a day. However, if you need a larger area repaired, or if you are having a new structure built, you can count on the process taking a week or more. This will not all be active time. Your mason may have to apply a certain mortar and then let it set or dry before they come back and do other work. Masonry work requires some patience on the part of the homeowner, but the beautiful end results will be worth it.

Can masons work through bad weather?

Again, this depends on the project. If the mason is able to drape and protect the area they are working on, then they can often work through some mild rain. However, they do generally require dry conditions for large projects. So, if it rains on the day of your appointment, don't be surprised if your mason needs to reschedule.

Hopefully, these answers have opened your eyes to the ins and outs of mason work! For more information, contact a local masonry company, like PM Roberts LLC.