Metal panels are durable and made to withstand harsh weather conditions, including hailstones, snow, and rain. Though metal panels are designed to require minimal maintenance, some basic upkeep is crucial to maximizing the lifetime of your roof.

Despite the lifetime guarantee on metal roofs, you need to remove debris, prevent stains, prune trees, and clean the surface as part of your maintenance routine. The simple process requires the use of proper methods to prevent damage to your metal roof. Read more on how to care for your metal roof in this guide.

1. Clean the Drains and Gutters

Your gutters can easily clog up and fill up with water from debris accumulation. The excess moisture can encourage corrosion on your metal roof and pest infestation in your home.

Instead of getting rid of the debris in your gutters on your own, you can contact a roofing contractor to remove the sticks, bird droppings, dirt, and leaves. A roofing contractor can also install gutter guards to prevent further debris accumulation.

Most metal roofing experts recommend cleaning your gutters twice every year. Homeowners in windy places may need to do it more often as the debris builds up faster.

2. Look for Gaps and Holes

Though metal is resilient, you should watch out for gaps or holes in your roof. Regular roof inspections will help you deal with a possible leak that could worsen. If your metal roof has loose seams, you can fix these gaps by using a sealant.

Despite the sealant touch, you should consider a complete seal with a waterproof coat for the metal roof. A waterproof coating can protect the surface from possible corrosion or rust accumulation. If there are large gaps causing a leak inside your house, consider getting a professional inspector to solve the issue.

3. Watch Out for Roof Chipping, Fading, and Scratching

Since metal roofs have paint, you can expect scratching, flaking, scuffing, and fading over time. You should look out for these issues so you can get immediate solutions to prevent any further damage.

Scratched metal roof surfaces can occur due to various factors, including an installation mistake or harsh effects from a storm. Fortunately, most minor surface scratches can be fixed by patching up with paint that blends with the color of your roof.

When applying any type of brush-up paint, the manufacturer's guidelines should be followed. Otherwise, your warranty may be invalidated, and the scratch could become more unappealing. If there is excessive damage to your metal roof paint, you should talk to the manufacturer.

Reach out to a roofing company to schedule an appointment.