A leaky roof is an unpredictable nuisance that doesn't happen without reason. Unfortunately, different roof problems often leave room for water to leak. The issues range from small to big and always impact your roof's structural integrity. 

Continue reading to discover four reasons behind your leaky commercial roof.

1. Installation Defects

Roofing is a highly specialized field that leaves no room for errors. A professional commercial roof installation leaves your roof flawless and free from leaks. If you note any misalignment, ripples, missing nails, or lack of drip edges on your roof, contact a commercial roof repair expert for a fix to prevent leaks.

2. Defective Flashings

Flashings act as water-resistant barriers on the joints that separate your residential roof and the underside of the shingles. Nonetheless, the tar that seals the flashings together can corrode with time. Then, rain, wind, and other elements cause cracks to develop and provide a weak area where water can seep in.

A commercial roof repair company undertakes a comprehensive inspection of your roof and repairs defective flashings. Therefore, contact them if you note visible commercial roof flashing issues.

3. Missing or Broken Shingles

Shingles shield the plywood sheath of your commercial roof from the elements. However, shingles can develop cracks because of unrepaired damage, degradation, aging, and storm damage. In addition, the gaps created allow water to soak the exposed area of your residential roof.

As a result, the materials degrade, eventually allowing water to enter your house. Fortunately, you can easily note missing or broken shingles, which a commercial roof repair contractor can quickly repair.

4. Damaged Vent Boot

Vent boots create a waterproof seal around the base of your commercial roof's vent. The boots will deteriorate faster than other parts of your roof if you get low-quality ones. In such a scenario, you get water leakages even if your roof is still in perfect condition. Other damage, such as cracked vent collars and loose nails, also creates weak points for water to enter your house.

A commercial roof repair expert can repair vent boot defects and even recommend the best quality option if you need a replacement.


Some causes of commercial leaky roofs are preventable if you follow the best roofing practices. For instance, hire a commercial roofer to avoid installation faults. Also, when you notice signs like broken shingles, address the problem by calling a commercial roof repair expert.

Contact a local roofing company, such as Pyramid Roofing, to learn more.