Roof replacement is one of the top investments on your property. Not only does a new roof solve irreparable problems, but modern roofs last longer and conserve energy. In addition, adequate preparation of your home eases your residential roofing replacement.

Read on to discover four ways to plan for a residential roof replacement. 

1. Clear Your Yard and Driveway

Your roofer will need a clear path to move equipment and materials. Any vehicles or items in your driveway block access paths. Also, your driveway may experience a lot of foot traffic and debris during roof replacement. So, move your vehicles for easy access and to prevent roof debris damage.

Cover the yard plants with a net or tarp and move outdoor furniture. The protective measures ensure roofing installation debris doesn't fall over your items. Also, a clear yard reduces the chances of slips and falls for you and the roofers.

2. Keep Pets and Children Away

Pets and children are playful, so keep them away during roof replacement. Unfortunately, roof replacement can also prove noisy and disruptive to your kids. So, find another place to keep your kids during the roof replacement. For example, you can request a friend or relative to help with the kids and take the pets to a kennel service.

Kid's preparation is essential for neighbors with infants and toddlers. So, inform your neighbors about your roofing replacement plans and schedule. The heads-up gives your neighbors time to plan to keep their children away from the noise.

3. Keep Home Decor and Roof Accessories Safe

Although roofers don't do much work inside your home, roofing replacement can cause wall vibrations. No damage reaches your walls from the vibrations, but your decor and wall hangings could fall over. So, secure your windows and remove valuables from your walls, especially glass works, and ceramics.

Your roofers also remove accessories such as skylights and solar panels from your roof. So, find a temporary storage location for the items during the roof replacement. Also, request residential service providers to offer temporary storage locations for satellite dishes and antennas. 

4. Protect Attic Valuables

Professional roofers try their best to keep your property safe. However, roof replacement generates dust which is difficult to eliminate completely.

Therefore, remove heirlooms and other items from your attic to prevent dust build-up. Use a tarp or plastic sheet to cover your valuables if the items are too heavy to move.

Note that contractors usually vacuum clean your attic after the roofing replacement. Nonetheless, the process is more straightforward if your attic doesn't have items or the items are covered. Besides, a less hectic cleanup means the roof replacement takes a shorter time.

The preparation tips above make your residential roofing replacement less hectic. As a result, roofers have an easier time, and your family and properties stay safe. If unsure of other steps, don't hesitate to ask for guidelines from your residential roofing company.